A selection of photos from around Tasmania.

Tasmania is the large island southeast of the Australian mainland.

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Gordon River, The Gordon River is part of the western wilderness of Tasmania, showing temperate rain forest on both shores.
Cataract Gorge, This is the Cataract Gorge in full flood. This gorge is only 5 minutes walk from the city centre of Launceston in northern Tasmania.
Cumulonimbus, This is a classic 'Cumulonimbus' cloud, complete with anvil. The photo was taken near Deloraine in northern Tasmania.
Sunset, This sunset photo was taken over northern Tasmania near Launceston. It shows lenticular wave clouds in fine detail.
Rosebery, Photo of Mount Murchison above the mining town of Rosebery in western Tasmania.
Derwent, A panoramic view over Hobart, Tasmania, with the Tasman Bridge spanning the Derwent estuary.
Dove Lake, Another photo of Dove Lake in the Central Highlands taken from the south.
East Coast, Reflections off the ocean off the east coast of Tasmania.
Boathouse, This is the scene at Dove Lake in the Central Highlands of Tasmania.
Hartz Mountains, The Hartz Mountains are in southern Tasmania and part of the Tasmanian wilderness.
Storm clouds, Dramatic view of a developing cumulonimbus storm cloud over Deloraine in northern Tasmania.
Macquarie Harbour, Subtle shades during rain clouds in Macquarie Harbour on Tasmania's west coast.
Shower, An isolated shower front crossing Macquarie Harbour in western Tasmania.
Misty, Interplay of light, mist, and rain on Macquarie Harbour in western Tasmania.
Western Mountains, View of mountains in western Tasmania from Macquarie Harbour.
Mount Roland, Mount Roland in northern Tasmania at sunset.
Baker's Beach, Baker's Beach is on the coast of northern Tasmania. Notice the teeming crowds. The whole beach stretches for several miles.
Thermal Pool, This is a public swimming pool deep in the rainforest wilderness of southern Tasmania. The water for the pool originates from a thermal spring deep underground and provides warmed pool water all year round.
Painted Cliffs, These remarkable cliffs are located on Maria Island off the east coast of Tasmania. The 'painted' patterns are the result of different minerals leaching out of the sandstone. Maria Island is a national park.
Ski Village, This ski village lies atop Ben Lomond, a high plateau in northern Tasmania. This photo was taken during summer when the village goes into hibernation.
Cradle Mountain, Cradle Mountain and Dove Lake in the Central Highlands of Tasmania. They are part of a massive world heritage national park, and the mountain has become something of an icon for Tasmania.
Pine Lake, Pine Lake is located in the Central Highlands of Tasmania. This remarkable photo shows the lake to be frozen over during winter. Australia may be the 'sunburnt country', but Tasmania gets cold enough in winter to see this lake consistently frozen over.
Stanley, Stanley is a picturesque fishing village on the end of a peninsula in northeast Tasmania. The plateau at the end of the peninsula is called 'The Nut', and is the remnant of a 'volcano plug', the solidified interior of an ancient volcano after the outer slopes of the volcano had eroded away millions of years ago.
Huon Valley, The Huon River and valley is in the Tasmanian wilderness of southern Tasmania. The photo was taken from the cantilever of the popular 'air walk', an elevated walkway weaving through the rain forest.
Sunset, Another photo of lenticular wave cloud during a sunset in northern Tasmania.
North Coast, This is the north coast of Tasmania. Taken from Boat Harbour.
Reflections, The sun reflecting on the ocean off Tasmania's east coast.